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That's me,… Mark McFerron, human-centered Creative Director, 

Consumer Experience Expert, Journey Mapper & Visualizer:  

designing client's stories for business,... and for life.


My role is to co-create with conceptual thinkers and design a visual story supporting their vision and goals. I have the responsibility to inspire and ensure all creative output adheres to a successful brand (dream) while delivering positive results.

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I’m a real creative visionary person,... the real deal in what sometimes seems like a fabricated/pseudo world.  I have lived my life with transparency, and most importantly with responsibility.


Creativity is my life.  I have over 28 years experience in design, identity and branding, as well as creative consulting in advertising and consumer experience within the healthcare industry.

I've been part of internal programs for marketing, innovation, first-impression development, design thinking, ethnographic interviewing, prototyping and journey mapping.  I've developed business partnerships and transparency programs for branding and formed successful, transparent relationships that have impacted population health and the health care environment in general.

I love bringing the client’s story, dreams, and vision to life, it’s like making the perfect strokes of a painting, forming an inspirational synchronization and creative indulgence for all.


Graphic & Web Design

Technical Illustrator

Infographics & Prototyping

Watercolorist / Artist

Journey Mapping

Instructional / Educational Design

Design Thinking / Consumer Experience

UX (Human-user Design) & UI Design (Digital Design)

ARTOGENIC          PORTFOLIO          ABOUT         SKILLS          SERVICES           LET’S CO-CREATE


Projects Completed


Happy Clients



Expert designer and director using the best design and artistic fundamentals including business best practices aligning with art, digital imaging and prepress skills, software  developing the best creative relative to ROI.


Expert in this type of visual communication of designing visuals  showing data and analytics. Infographics displays information efficiently and effectively, encompassing many functional design disciplines to describe process, model, chronology, timeline and/or hierarchy.


Expert in capturing how a consumer is interacting with a product, service, or experience. This empathic approach provides insight and can also be used to tell a vivid story of the consumer’s experience.


Expert fine artist and technical illustrator.  Professional in Design Thinking prototyping that compliments and supports storytelling. Experience Point certified, (Xavier University).


If I'm not designing, I'm painting. I'm a recognized world-class watercolorist. My works include being published in The Kentucky Encyclopedia for the research and painting of a Civil War event: the Battle of Wildcat Mountain. Eight of my original paintings were on display for 2 years at the U.S. Department of Labor at the special request of U. S. Secretary, Elaine Chao. I've been forming my unique style in watercolor for over 45 years.  Navigate over to and see my paintings.

ARTOGENIC          PORTFOLIO          ABOUT         SKILLS          SERVICES           LET’S CO-CREATE

Acccumetric Inc

AmeriComm Marketing

Anava Health Partners

Asbury University

Aviation Technology

A Woman’s Resource Center

Clermont 20/20


Concord Health Care

Directec Inc.

Diversified Financial

Dow Corning

Dr. Du Bou Plastic Surgery

Educational Arts Unlimited

Family Care Dentistry

Fishchbach USA

Humane Society

Kroger Company


Healthways (ShareCare)

Measure Health Innovation

META Associates


Nason Group

NEXTEP Environmental

P3 Protective Packaging

Phoenix Processing Co.

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Scott E. Shuler DMD, MS

TEDx Cincinnati

The Providence Groups



Chief Circuit Judge of Kentucky's Cumberland Region

As a member of several boards, ranging from entertainment to healthcare, I have worked with Mark as he successfully led us in strategic marketing and branding.  He has a knack for opening eyes to new possibilities and potential, or as William Blake wrote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.

I've partnered with Mark several times during the course of my journey in health care.  He was key as an advisory board member for a start-up initiative I was involved in and developed the foundations of our branding strategy.


Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Exceptional Living Centers

Mark has an innate ability to partner with the leadership of an organization and foster an environment that is creative, innovative, but most importantly, genuine. 


Managing Member, TouchPointRX & CEO Community Partners of South Florida

Mark is incredibly talented and imaginative. He is also diligent and tenacious. The most important thing to know about Mark is that he values friendships and relationships. He listens and wants to know what his client's value. It his heart that makes him great. 


SVP, Chief Human Resource Officer, Consulate Health Care

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark as he spearheaded our organization's branding strategy efforts and marketing initiatives. He also provided tremendous support to our HR team fulfilling our need for employee program and benefit collaterals.

Mark is an incredibly creative and forward thinking partner. He has a unique perspective that always adds value and provides opportunities for growth. I think he is a very talented individual and highly recommend his services.


Marketing Specialist, Pharmerica

Mark has the unique ability to understand, simplified, and deliver effective marketing and creative within healthcare, especially within the skilled nursing facility business. He has the vision to grasp the emotional journeys of patients, and adapt their stories into the brand of his client.

I think he's a very creative and artistic individual, and I've enjoyed our partnership throughout the years


PO Box 43004

Louisville, Kentucky 40253

PH: 502-797-8881

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